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Manila Water Foundation

 Manila Water Foundation




Manila Water Company, Inc. established Manila Water Foundation in 2005 as an avenue to serve beyond the given mandate to provide water and used water services in the East Zone.

Manila Water Foundation is guided by the vision to become the enabler of change that will uplift the quality of life of Base of the Pyramid (BoP) communities, which are the poorest of the poor, through the provision of sustainable water and used water services.

As the corporate social responsibility arm of the Manila Water group in the Philippines, it is in a unique position to establish programs that provide water, the vital source of life, to those who do not have access to this basic need; educate people on water, sanitation and hygiene issues; and provide sustainable livelihood opportunities to community groups, with the support and commitment of Manila Water and its subsidiaries.

The programs of Manila Water Foundation have three key focus areas — water supply and sanitation, water education, and community assistance and livelihood. This enables a well-rounded social landscape within the community as they are provided access to water, a basic need, and are taught how to use it properly. Livelihood opportunities allow them to financially support their everyday living expenses and engage in more productive activities.

For more information, contact:

Manila Water Foundation
489 Katipunan Road, 1105 Balara, Quezon City
Telephone: (632) 917-5900 local 1025
Mobile: (63) 915-320-3000


 Water Supply



Manila Water has provided over six million people with direct access to water in the areas it serves. However, there are more Filipinos in the country who are still in deep need of water. Manila Water Foundation wishes to address this gap through its many programs that provide access to water supply.

The Foundation will continue to replicate the successful framework of its parent company, Manila Water, in order to create a nation where every Filipino has access to safe and clean water.

To date, Manila Water Foundation has provided clean water to around 120,000 families all over the Philippines.

TPSB Picture

Tubig Para Sa Barangay

Direct and piped access to clean and potable water is now made available to low-income families. The role of the Foundation is to facilitate the household service connection to the main water source to reduce the family’s water expenses.

Lingap Picture


Water reticulation systems, drinking fountains and wash areas are rehabilitated in public schools, hospitals or health centers, police stations, city jails, public markets and orphanages. Through this, health and sanitation are promoted to various public institutions across the country.

Ahon Pinoy Picture

Ahon Pinoy

Low-cost, stand-alone and easy-to-maintain water treatment facilities are provided to poor communities without a stable potable water source. Local partners are trained to operate and maintain the facility so they can sell water to their community as a source of livelihood.



 Water Education



Global Handwashing Day Logo
Part of Manila Water Foundation’s mission is to educate about creating a healthier environment through the celebration of Global Handwashing Day, a worldwide awareness campaign that promotes the importance of washing hands as an effective way to prevent sicknesses and diseases.

Every October, Manila Water Foundation visits schools, malls and business districts to conduct physical demonstrations on proper and effective handwashing, and encourage the public to show their commitment to handwashing and creating a healthier environment by stamping their hand prints on the pledge wall.

For the past few years, Manila Water Foundation has celebrated Global Handwashing Day with several events nationwide including Metro Manila, Laguna, Clark, Boracay and Cebu.






Manila Water Foundation believes that given the right resources and opportunities, underprivileged communities can reach their full potential and help themselves rise from poverty.

The Foundation has focused its initiatives in supporting livelihoods through Kabuhayan Para Sa Barangay (KPSB), a program that helps generate opportunities for communities by providing financial assistance, micro-enterprise trainings and development seminars to targeted financially-challenged cooperative groups.

Cooperatives that display the potential to grow their business and are in good standing with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) are given the opportunity to receive non-interest loans worth Php100,000 from Manila Water Foundation. Whenever possible, qualified cooperatives are connected to Manila Water’s supply chain where they may sell their products or services at competitive prices.

Manila Water Foundation has increased the number of cooperatives it has assisted from 15 in 2013 to 195 in 2015. KPSB has helped these cooperatives expand their businesses through over Php19.5 million worth of loans.

The impact on the cooperatives has been an astounding success such that the Foundation has decided to expand KPSB nationwide. In the future, KPSB will be accepting applications from all over the Philippines. The vision is to reach 2,000 more cooperatives in the next five years to help them better support their families and communities, thus improving their quality of life.

Interested to become a KPSB beneficiary? Here's how:

  1. Fill out an application form from your nearest cooperative development authority (CDA) office. You can also download the form at

  2. Submit the completed application form to the Manila Water Foundation office located at the Basement, MWSS Administration Building, 489 Katipunan Road Balara Quezon City 1105. Non-Metro Manila residents can submit to the Boracay Water, Clark Water, Cebu Water or Laguna Water office near them. Applications can also be e-mailed at

  3. Wait for a representative from Manila Water Foundation to call you for your business and financial performance evaluation. If approved, there will be a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing to release your Php100,000 business loan.



 Prize for Engineering Excellence



In partnership with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Manila Water Foundation is giving out the Prize for Engineering Excellence.

The Manila Water Foundation Prize for Engineering Excellence is a nationwide search for engineers who manifest excellent engineering competence, inspiring passion to make a difference, and outstanding commitment to the development of communities resulting in projects that champion water, sanitation, environment, and sustainability.

Through this, the organizers hope to inspire and empower all Filipino engineers to serve the country better through engineering solutions resulting in positive social impacts.

With Manila Water Foundation’s commitment to uplifting the quality of life of marginalized communities through sustainable projects and DOST’s mandate to provide direction of the country's scientific and technological efforts for the benefit of its people, the Manila Water Foundation Prize for Engineering Excellence aims to encourage Filipino engineers to pursue innovative projects for the betterment of the Philippines, one community at a time.

Each winner will receive a cash prize, an exquisitely designed trophy and a medal during the awarding ceremonies.

To learn more about the Prize for Engineering Excellence nomination guidelines, please visit