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Click on the items on your waterbill to see everything you need to know about your water bill and how to compute for your bill's total charges.

Billing Statement


Here is everything you need to know about your water bill and how to compute for your bill's total charges.

Understanding Your Water Bill

Click on the items on the water bill.

Computing Your Water Bill

Below is a sample computation for a residential customer consuming 30 cubic meters a month.

  1. Current Charges before tax:
    • Basic Charge: This covers the cost of operating, maintaining, improving and expanding the distribution network, as well as the facilities responsible for bringing potable water to the end user. The Basic Charge is based on the latest approved tariff schedule. Click here to download the 2017 Tariff Table. 

    • FCDA: This stands for Foreign Currency Differential Adjustment. This is a percentage of the Basic Charge which accounts for fluctuations of the Philippine Peso against other countries' currencies, subject to periodic review and adjustment. The FCDA for the second quarter of 2017 is 2.80% of the Basic Charge.

    • Environmental Charge: This is for the mitigation of environmental impacts in the course of water and wastewater operations. It is 20% of the Basic Charge applicable to all customers.

    • Sewer Charge: 0% of the Basic Charge will be added for Residential and Semi-Business customers or 30% of Basic Charge for Commercial and Industrial customers covered by a sewer line connection.

    • Maintenance Service Charge: This covers the maintenance of the water meter. The charge changes depending on the size of the water meter. The minimum charge is P1.50 for a 13-mm size meter.

  2. Value Added Tax (VAT): which is 12% of sum of A to E to get total current bill. The government charges 12% of the total charges mentioned above.

  3. Other Charges: If any, add other charges and previous unpaid amount to get the Total Amount Due.

    Other Charges: These are special miscellaneous charges such as connection fees, unscheduled desludging of septic tank service fees, etc.

    Previous Unpaid Amount: This pertains to charges billed prior to the billing period. This should be settled immediately together with the current charges to avoid disconnection of water service.